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Sunrise Heart Specialist Cinic
Sunrise Heart Specialist Patients

Comprehensive Health Screening
At  The Heartland

Cardiac Diagnostic suite

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
at $45*

ECGs are commonly recommended for individuals who may be experiencing symptoms related to heart problems or for routine screening.


Who may need an ECG:

Individuals with Symptoms

Routine Screening

Monitoring Heart Conditions

After Heart Attacks

Symptoms: chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations (rapid or irregular heartbeat), dizziness, fainting, or fatigue

* The price for ECG screening covers the screening procedure only and does not include the doctor's consultation fee.

Heart Health Screening

Sunrise Heart Specialist Clinic's Commitment to Affordable, Accessible, and Compassionate Cardiac Care

Dr Woo Jia Wei

Dr. Woo's Commitment
to Affordable Heart Health

Dr. Woo Jia Wei is deeply committed to delivering heart care with empathy and community spirit at Sunrise Heart Specialist Clinic. Actively engaging in community work, he champions making specialised cardiac services accessible and affordable. His practice is a testament to a blend of medical skill and a nurturing approach, ensuring that quality cardiac care supports the very heart of the community.​

Dr Woo Jia Wei

Consultant Cardiologist


Patient's Testimonials


Excellent service. Came here for a echocardiogram and was able to get a same day appointment. Doctor woo is extremely professional and patiently answered every question. He is also fluent in English and mandarin which was very helpful for my mum who does not speak English well. Prices are also very affordable compared to other private practices, highly recommend for all heart scan related procedures

Si Jia Teng

After reading online reviews about Dr Woo, i decided to head down to the clinic to get a check for my heart. Dr Woo is honestly a great doctor, he made sure to listen to my symptoms, provided plenty of informative medical insights as well as ensured that the setting was comfortable for his client(This made me less anxious about the visit.) Dr Woo was also very friendly, doesn’t make the visit feel rushed and really cared for his patients. Dr woo made me feel very comfortable and it felt that he did his very best for each patient to find them answers and solutions. Thank you Doctor Woo.

Insurance and Payment Options

Sunrise Heart Clinic supports your health journey through various payment options and insurance plans. This ensures your cardiac care is both accessible and affordable.

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Discover how you can use your insurance for heart care at our clinic.

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Protect your heart health now at Sunrise Heart Specialist Clinic. 

Schedule a consultation to discover why our heart screening services are trusted by our community. Experience personalised care that prioritises your well-being.

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